Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Boy Points

Last summer, in desperation to motivate my boys, I shouted out "whoever gets ready for bed in five minutes gets a point!"  I didn't know what a point meant, neither did the boys, but they still scrambled upstairs.

 After a week of earning, I decided how the boys could use their points.  I created Good Boys Points, different than chores which earn allowance.  Good Boy Points can be used for going nice places and having nice treats.  For instance 64 good boy points will get you pancakes at Magleby's for breakfast or 120 points earns you a trip to Provo's Beach Resort.  Basically I give one point the value of 25 cents.  However much something would cost in money, I double it in points, (and gas money is also figured into the total if the destination is farther than our local town.)

                                 Good Boy Points

No Fighting
Bedtime Winner
Go to Sleep
Sunday good boy
Help with Ted
Listen to Mom



Bedtime winner is the fastest boy to get ready for bed, then they can all earn if they go to sleep quickly.  It's hard to remember if there was no fighting that day, but I have found myself rewarding the boy who is not involved in a squabble at that particular time.  They are always asking to go fun places, this system helps me feel better about  the money I spend taking them.   

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