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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

14th Wedding Anniversary

This is me and Daniel February 19th 1999.  How do you measure fourteen years?  In homes?  In babies?  In  vacations?  In fights?  In make ups?  In love....

Here is "Seasons of Love" from Rent, the Broadway show and movie.   
I really like this song, its very sentimental.  And I love Daniel, the man I chose to spend my life with.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's to Valentine's Day, which makes us stop and remember how much we love those in our lives, especially our husbands.  And here's to Hollywood, nothing like a romantic movie to inspire more passion in our lives.
                                                              Carrie and Mr. Big
 These photos were taken several years ago for a Vogue photo shoot and they are still my favorite.  
                             They remind me to strive for connection, confidence and beauty.
                             If you haven't seen the movie P.S. I love you, here is a trailer for it below.
                          Wow! this movie makes you want to love deeply and live every day happy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Four Birthdays

There are four birthdays in the next two days.  Arthur, George, Jaime and Brock.

Arthur and George are my seven year old twins.
They are like most boys their age.  They have a weakness for tye-dye.  They like all sports, all super heros, video games, skiing, swimming, hiking, the list goes on and on.  So what makes these boys stand out in a crowd?  Love.  Arthur and George have so much love to give.  These lovely boys can give so many hugs and kisses.  They make the world a better place.
To celebrate their birthday
Let's have a song.

Brock is the husband of Sarah who I am always talking about.  My brother n'law.

 I appreciate that he is very easy to talk to.  He going into his last semester of law school and I have been impressed with his diligence.  I know law students have lots of horrible reading assignments and Brock is still working in addition to his schooling.  The thing I love best about Brock is what a great uncle he is.  He spends lots of his Sunday afternoons entertaining my boys - most often jumping on the trampoline and playing games.
To celebrate his birthday
Let's have a game.
This is one of favorites from my childhood.  You don't have to wait for everyone's turn.  You just ring the bell and start shouting "Two, two!  Three, three!"

Jaime is my bosom buddy I mention from time to time;
 most recently, was when I visited her in New York City.  This is her with her husband Allen.

We love each other and help each other.  What a blessing to have a friend like that!  Jaime has a talent for really wanting to know people and to understand them.  She inspires me.  She takes her responsibilities and her progression  very seriously, and I have learned through experience that life will pass you by if you don't.
To celebrate her birthday
Let's have a story.
The morning I spent with Jaime in New York, we walked the kids to school, came back to the apartment for   a snack, then went out again to the grocery shop.  The rain had stopped so we decided to leave our umbrellas at home.  That was silly, the rain started right back up as soon as we left.

 The grocery store was fascinating to me - narrow aisles, an elevator and lots of foreign products.  Next we stopped in at juice & sandwich shop, and then dashed through the rain, with Jaime pushing Ozzy in the stroller, back to the apartment.

"Well, that was fun"  I said, as I looked in the mirror at my drenched hair and contemplated what to do about my wet jeans.

Jaime started unloading the groceries from the bottom of her stroller and then said "Where's my purse?"
I could tell panic was starting to kick in as I watched her dash to the kitchen, then the table, back to the stroller, and finally outside the front door.

I stayed in the apartment with Ozzy while Jaime retraced her steps all the way back to the juice shop.  I said a prayer.  "Please Heavenly Father, please help Jaime to find her purse.  I know all things are possible, please bless her."  I was surprised when Jaime returned empty handed.

Heavy hearted, Jaime began the process of notifying her bank and credit cards.  Then right as she started to cheer up, telling me there were much worse things that could happen and she was grateful for what she had - her cell phone rang.  It was the New York City Police.  They had her purse!  Someone had found it on the sidewalk and turned it in.

"You do not! What? How did you find me?!"  Jaime was her old self again, full of spunk and shouting at a police officer.

It was pretty amazing.  They had only been living in New York for three months, and her only form of identification in the purse was an old Arizona drivers license. We joyfully sprinted the twenty blocks to the Precinct where the purse was waiting.

Well, its like I said, with God all things are possible and now Jaime has her "lucky" purse to remind her every day of God's love.

The End.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Power of Kindness

Once upon a time I was a lost college student, wandering around BYU trying to figure out what I should do with my life.  Elementary Education?  no. Music Education?  maybe, with a Theatre minor?  ok.

The next semester I took Beginning Stage Make-up and Costume Construction 1.  They were small classes in the basement of the Harris Fine Arts Center, taught by one Janet Swenson and a Carolyn Smith.

Janet was funny.  Her desk was in the middle of the room so we could all see her demos and then she could monitor our work in the mirrored  classroom. In her central location, Janet would talk, make funny voices, and joke with all of us before, during and after class.  She knew our names.  I was shy, but Janet still paid attention to me.  Never had I felt so comfortable at the 30,000 student university before.

Carolyn, a spunky, little grandma, who was the Costume Shop's Assistant Manager.  She was so kind and always busy.  Oh, did she work so hard.  Her class was my first exposure to sewing, and the beginning of a life long passion that would rival my music.

That semester changed my life.  I never wanted to leave the love and attention of these two I changed my major to Theatre Arts for Costume Design.  Thus embarking on my life of Creativity, something I didn't know existed inside of me before then.

It turned out to be a great fit for me.  I really dig the psychology within each play,  analyzing the characters' motives and interpreting their effects on the set and costumes.   I enjoy researching different histories and fashion for each production, and then finding clothing and color schemes to match the personalities of my characters.

 Artist: Alfrons Maria Mucha.
I was asked to use these and other paintings as inspiration for my designs in BYU's 2000 production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.  

I regret I was inconsistent in my homework. I didn't give it my all.  I struggled with balancing my work and play.  Or really, coming to grips with the fact that University life is mostly work.  Despite my disappointing efforts I was always treated with respect from my professors and Janet in particular was always there when I needed a heart to heart talk.

Since I have left BYU, I have not been involved with the theatre. But I have had the skills and the confidence to create a beautiful home for my family.  I have also been able to send my love to many babies, each with the gift of a one of a kind blanket.  I fantasize about returning to the Costume Studio when I'm older. Whether sooner or later - I have Carolyn as my role model, with a career in her retirement years.  And I have Janet as my inspiration, for the influence one person can have when she cares for Heavenly Father's children.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Auntie & Decorator

Today I would like to start with spotlighting my sister n'law Sarah.  She follows in the path of her mother and gives top priority to her family and friends.  She is number one in giving of her time, talents and love.

 Last month Sarah stayed in my home and looked after my boys while Daniel and I took a long trip to Italy.  Half way through the trip I received an email that warmed my heart.

we've been reading the witches, so yesterday me and em were playing witches, this is them caught in our prison, they're waiting to be be cooked!

Then when I came home, I was thrilled to see Sarah had rearranged my furniture in the front room and family room.  I have been struggling for years to figure out where to put the couches and she solved the mystery!

the two blue chairs together are my favorite part of the room

the furniture centers around the fireplace and leaves walkways open for the rest of the room.  

Can you tell that the walls have just been painted a light grey?  I haven't hung any pictures back up yet.

We have lived in our house for six years now, and have had the painter in this fall to freshen up a few rooms.
Henry has chosen a medium blue for his bedroom

 Here you can see I have changed the walls in the landing and how they look against my gold entry way

I am enjoying the blues from the front room tying into the upstairs.  This picture doesn't show it the best because the sun isn't shining on the top level like it is on the bottom.  But trust me, it works.

The boys bathroom is a softer shade of the landing color, and I think it is so pretty.

Thank you Daniel for funding our house's face lift and thank you Sarah for always being there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dancing King

My Henry just turned nine this month.  I am crazy about him.  He is happy and clever, and I enjoy his company.  Two weeks ago, he discovered his dancing feet at his Uncle Sam's wedding.

I was so happy.  I think people who dance have more fun in life, because they can let go of their inhibitions enough to feel the rhythm.  It's an activity you do for your own enjoyment, yet can be enhanced  when joined in with others.

                               Would you agree?  Look at his smiling face.  That's my boy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I said this week my posts would be in reference to marriage and today I am featuring "one" by U2.  This song captures the angst of marriage for me.

 When your life is so involved with one person, there's bound to be hurt feelings now and then, along with frustration because "we're one, but we're not the same".  But each challenge offers an opportunity to recommit and refocus, proving that love helps us live "the higher law".

C. Jane Kendrick

I found another blog I really really like. 

the address is but the link above is to a story she wrote about her husband.  This is a great example of what I was saying a few weeks ago about Christmas presents.  What could be better than recording a sentimental memory?

Jane's blog includes alot of current events for Provo, Utah, but  if you look on the left side column you will find a whole collection of personal essays!  Maybe you could find some inspiration while you search through her topics.

 I enjoy her story telling, and am very inspired by her ability to hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  So far with the ones I've read, my favorite is the hourglass theory.  I was enthralled as I continued to read pieces of the story coming together and then arriving at the end  I felt so happy and energized with her theory running through my mind.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mum's Birthday

I am blessed to have both a Mom and a Mum.  Terri has always treated me like a daughter, for which I am very grateful.  She has taught me how to take care of myself, take care of others and take care of my home.

I vividly remember scrubbing the hard water stains off the windows with Terri when we first moved into the house across from the Provo Temple.  I wasn't wringing out my washcloth enough, Terri showed me how much water was still in that cloth by tightening her hands around it as hard as she could.  I think about that lesson every day when I'm at my kitchen sink.

Another time when I had moved houses, this time to Springville, I was preoccupied with decorating the inside of the home and neglected cleaning the rafters on the front porch, which were covered in spider webs and dead bugs.  Terri taught me that the porch is the first impression for all those who come knocking on my door, representing me and my family.

Every time I put my duvet back into a freshly washed duvet cover, I think of my mother 'n law and remember how she helped me make my bed as a young, newly married girl.  These examples are all of a practical nature, but I appreciate how these lessons keep Terri close to my mind and heart as I go through my days, tending  to my tasks.

Over the years Terri has schooled me in making a home, preparing for a baby, safety and well being in childcare, relationships and entertaining; I am grateful for all I have learned.  Not having daughters of my own, the thought has occurred to me a couple times, "I hope my future daughter 'n laws will allow me to share and help them", continuing Terri's knowledge and traditions through their generations.

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mom's Birthday

Sometimes when I look in the mirror to wash my face or put on make-up, facial features will pop out at me reminding me of my mom.  A couple times when this has happened, the transformation is so real that I feel I am not Kimberly, I am Susan coming to live in another generation.

This experience has also happened when I'm not looking in the mirror, but when I am working in the kitchen.    When I make potato salad, I become my mom.  I like feeling this close to her.

For this reason, I love all things that remind me of my mom.  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel

"You've showed me the world and you take care of me,
Let me offer my love to you so carefully"

"A favorite song, plays on from yesteryear,
Memories flow, and I know how crazy I'm for you.
Your body, your soul, so familiar, so fulfilling.
I remember the summer we both fell in love,
I knew when you held me that you were the one,
And now we've made us a family,
I believe in all that can be..."

these are some lyrics to a song I've written.  I'd love some help with the accompaniment, if anyone knows someone local who composes with a guitar.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

My prominent childhood memories of my Dad:

 Waking up at 4 in the morning with my brother Andrew to go see Haley's Comet.

My ninth birthday party, my Dad showed off his rollerskating skills.

Peeking into the family room to spy on my dad and his Barber Shop Quartet  practice around the piano.  They were such fun men - singing and joking.

When we lived in Connecticut, my Dad worked three jobs, including a newspaper route.

    My Dad likes cherries, cherry yogurt,
    and cherry cobbler.

I love my Dad. And my Mom, but it's
Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Power of Friendship

I just finished reading an essay, "To Nurture and Be Nurtured:The Friendships of Eliza R. Snow" by Jill Mulvay Derr.  I love being able to relate to older generations and that is exactly what this article helped me to feel.

The author travels through a handful of friendships from Eliza's youth to her old age and then concludes "Thus, Eliza R. Snow's monumental achievements were not hers alone.  The women who traveled with her, talked and wrote to her, prayed for her, and bore with her, significantly strengthened her capacity as friend, teacher, and leader."

Eliza herself said "We know the Lord's laid high responsibility upon us...and the greatest good we can do to ourselves and each other is to refine and cultivate ourselves in everything that is good and ennobling to qualify us for those responsibilities."  Jill Mulvay Derr points out the beautiful cycle which occurs when  helping our sisters to refine and cultivate everything good and ennobling, they then in turn bless and enrich other lives.

Here are my loyal friends who bring me joy, enrich my life and support me - Annette, Jaime, and Tracy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To Really Know Someone

My Mom just introduced me to a new blog   It's about Natalie, a young mother in New York City, and I think her history includes struggling with infertility.  But the reason I mention her is because I loved last week's post on Being Henry Holbrook's Mother.

"being henry holbrook's mother means knowing how to listen very intently when he has something on his mind he wishes to discuss, and not to let on that you have no idea what he's saying, because henry holbrook's mother knows how important it is that he feels "heard." being henry holbrook's mother means knowing exactly when to say, "oh really?' and exactly when to say "i completely understand." 

Natalie continues on in this format and fashion for awhile, and its quite impressive all the little ways she has learned to Henry's mother.  I think this model can be applied to sister, daughter, wife, friend....and used as a journal entry or as a meaningful message in a birthday card to a loved one.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Touch brings love

I think the reason why we all love our families so much is because we touch them. A husband and wife make love, hold hands and kiss. A mother puts lotion on her child, combs his hair and makes close eye contact while buttoning up his shirt.

Well, after lots of resistance on my part, I have found my heart making room for more love. It's been happening with the newest member of our family, Winston. I believe it all has to do with the sense of touch. As I give him a bath each week, that's when I feel the strongest for him. Winston patiently stands there while I scrub, rinse, dry and brush him. The end result is a clean fluffy dog that I can't help but hug.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seems like I should say...

My favorite CD to exercise to is a Counting Crows best of album. Good rhythm and interesting lyrics. In fact I have gained wisdom from some of their words.

"We all want something beautiful" gave me something to think about, and persuaded me to donate a pretty quilt top I had made several years ago. I was saving it for a possible future daughter, but realized its best if someone enjoys it now. I can always make another. It won't have the same fabrics, but it will still be pretty.

"It seems like I should say, as long as this is love, it's not all that easy." I relate to this statement. Hearing so many stories end in "...and they lived happily ever after" really blinds children to the realities of marriage. I am not making excuses for myself, and I am grateful for my husband. I just didn't realize I would have to stretch so much farther than my natural self.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Capture the moment

Hollywood knows how to push my buttons and
I love it. When I watch a romance, I crave that same passion in my life. Which is good, because it makes me more pro-active.

I love the happy and sad aspects of relationships, of all kinds. Babies being born, children growing up, letting go, falling in love, fighting and making up, and even illness and death.

Witnessing these moments on the big screen validate me,inspire me and prepare me.

All this in addition to story, comedy, and visual stimulation!