Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travel Journal

Last year my mom bought me a small journal with Paris labels all over the front and a variety of lined and unlined paper inside.  It took me awhile to figure out how I was going to use it.  Then last Christmas I decided a travel journal would be quite useful, and this little book would be perfect for the job.

The book is naturally divided into sections because of the assortment of paper, so I have designated them into categories:
1. Basic Itinerary - what I did each day, with whom, and what I ate.

2. What I packed that worked well, and what I never want to forget again.

3. Design Inspiration -  I always see art and fabric that is different from my regular world.
I have written a few notes, but really a photograph of the item is most effective for remembering.

4. Business Cards of Hotels and Restaurants that I loved along with ticket stubs and other Mementos

5. Capture the Moment - a descriptive essay of something extra funny from each trip
So far this year I have written about:

"Gaynor and the Smelly Dog"
"Reminiscing with Kip about 1980's food"
"Daniel and the Hair Dye"
"Exchanging Recipes with Men in a Race"
"Mental Breakdown on the top of a Cliff"
"Walking Runaway James Back to His Room""

6. Ideas I bring home for my Guestroom

Here is a link for an online store selling similar journals made by the same company, Cavallini & Co.
There are lots of great choices, and just think of all the wonderful things you will record!

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