Monday, October 22, 2012


I just spent the weekend with my parents in New York City!  I'll spend another post telling the whole story, but today let's talk about Chaplin.  As we stood in line to buy discount Broadway tickets, I whittled down my top choices and awaited our fate with giddy delight.  Chaplin offered us the best seats, row P in the Orchestra section.

Though I am not in love with the music, I would highly recommend this show for the acting and the story.  The story of Charlie Chaplin was heartfelt and enjoyable.  

The show stars Rob McClure as Charlie Chaplin & Jenn Colella as Hedda Hopper.  Performances by Wayne Alan Wilcox and Erin Mackey were also strong.  Costumes are all in grays, blacks, and whites until the final scene, and show off the fun styles of the nineteen teens and twenties.

                                                   Here is a clip to give you the feel.

And here is an interesting clip to show you about making a short movie to go along with a scene.  That's something I haven't mentioned yet - there is fun use of film mixed into this theatre production.

Next time you are in New York you should consider Chaplin.

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