Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Book Wish List

My decorating magazines always have a page featuring new books and I am often sold.  Here is my current wish list.

                                                   The Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte
I have been interested in sprouting and I think I could do it with some instructions plus recipes.

                                          The Italian Table by Ron Suhanosky
There's a recipe for Eggplant and Peach Parmigiana!

                                       Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk
She poses the question "why not create a kitchen that feeds your appetite and your soul?"

 Taken from National Geographic's collection of photographs, the book is a celebration of color.
Here is one the pages.

Reminds me of another book I've had on my list for several years.
A unique cookbook where the chapters are separated by color instead for conventional categories
I've included links for all these books to Barnes and Noble.  Gotta support the only bookstore left.

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