Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Mommy Uniform

I remember reading an interview with Gywneth Paltrow years ago where she talked about having a mom uniform.
Something comfortable yet stylish, and very washable.  

A few weeks ago I went to hear Courtney Kendrick speak at a BYU conference.  
She shared the same idea, but her version of the uniform is a mumu dress.  Again comfortable, and a style that makes her happy to get dressed each morning.
When I looked up pictures on the web, there is actually a wide range of dresses that fall into the mumu category.  I liked this vintage pattern that I found.

I definitely like the concept of having a mommy uniform.  The only times I am interested in giving my outfit extra time and contemplation is on date night.  For me I have found a few items that wash really well.  I mean over and over for years and years!  They have passed the test of time.

Undertease t-shirts.  My black top is still very black four years later.  I bought mine from Nordstroms, but when I was searching for links, it seems that Undertease has been bought by Modbod.  Hopefully they are still just a good.

I have skirts from Garnet Hill that are similar to this picture. 
  They are made of 70% cotton and 30% modal and never pill.  
After having spent $50 on a maxi skirt from a different store, which looked worn after the second time wearing it, I really appreciated how smooth these Garnet Hill skirt stay.

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  1. Is it ok to have a mommyform even if you're not a mommy? modbod tees are great, and i believe they are having their huge annual sale until the end of the month!


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