Friday, August 9, 2013

Briar Rose Fabrics

I stopped by my newest favorite shop yesterday, Harmony.  I wasn't shopping for fabric, but once I glanced at their newest line of Windham Fabrics titled "Briar Rose," I was smitten and had to buy myself a yard.

They are sweet, sweet florals with little lady bees buzzing around.  Here's the same pattern but in green.

Here she is with a more modern geometric print.

And there's crickets too,

...and strawberries.

Are you as taken with them as I am?

While the salesgirl was cutting my yard of fabric, I glanced at another set of beautiful fabrics.
 It was Martha Negley for Rowan Fabrics.  I had to have a yard of her Dahlia in deep pinks and olive.

Here are some other amazing choices from this Artist.

Wow!  I am reading Anne of Green Gables right now, (one of the perks of nursing a baby is how many times I day get to sit down and read.)
I am a "kindred spirit" with Anne in the fact that we both have "beauty loving eyes", and these fabrics make me giddy with their beauty.

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