Friday, March 20, 2009

Isn't it about time?

Tonight I took the boys to Temple Square, something I've wanted to do since the new year. It was even better than I had hoped. We entered the Visitor's Center looking for a short film to watch and found an amazing variety of displays. Huge paintings and a city model of Jerusalem to follow the life of Christ.......wax figures of the prophets of old, with a timeline of all the scpritures plus multiple short films to bring the Book of Mormon stories to life.

But what touched my heart was the church's assortment of commerials. There was a choice of twelve you could select with a touch screen. The boys were having too much fun being in charge of the screen so I watched the one minute blips over and over. I have seen similar commericals before over the years, but maybe not since I have become a mother.

The light turned on in my mind, "Oh, this is a clear and unmistakeable statement." My children come first.

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