Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicago spring trip

Daniel and I just came back from a weekend in Chicago. John and Heather Henstock asked us to come for Tess's first birthday and her Christening. They had asked Daniel if he would be the godfather, and he was very honored.

Our hotel was across from the river; just off of Michigan Avenue (famous for its mile long strip of high end shops), and an eight minute walk to Millennium Park which then leads into the bike trails along Lake Michigan. It was a great location!

We spent time getting to know John and Heather's family better, with dinners together every night and a short sailing trip on the Saturday.

The pictures here include a view of the city from the harbor, the view from my hotel lobby and Tess with John in the church lobby. You might notice a women with a banana up to her ear as if it were a telephone. I just happened to catch that when snapping at the potted flowers.

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  1. Poor women lets buy her a cell phone! LOL
    Tess is adorable I love her shoes. I wished it was daniel holding her though. You know I'd be all about those bike trails. I'm glad you're back. Next trip.... BEACH HOUSE!


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