Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Green Smoothie Girl

I recently read about a woman named Robyn Openshaw, who religiously drinks a quart of green smoothies every day. The health benefits are so phenomenal for her and her family, that she has made it her mission to educate as many people as she can about this easy way of packing in your daily quota of fruit and vegetables.

I have since visited her website, as well as purchased her book from Borders. I am now in the process of devouring the contents.

I have always considered myself one who makes healthy food choices, yet I am still often far from consuming the ideal. Not to mention all the cooked vegetables have lost their digestive enzymes and all the raw vegetables are smothered in dressings or dip. This smoothie idea is ingenious and I am so excited about getting started.

I am making my shopping list of ingredients right now.


  1. YOU KNOW I love the title ALONE!!! MISS YOU!!

  2. I want to try this at your house. Maybe you'll convert me...


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