Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Additions

This spring I rearranged the guest room, basically switching the couch and the bed around.  Now that I am taking this picture, I am realizing there is a lot of brown going on in there.  My goal for this room has always been "A Weekend in the Country" and I look forward to adding a fur blanket and other classic fabrics.  It's a slow process because this room is not my priority, it just develops as I happen to find things.

I received a British footstool for my birthday and its new home is in the front room with the blue chair.  I usually  try to keep this room all cream and blue, but I am loving the pop of navy and red.

I found this adorable giraffe on its own special stand at the Beehive Bazaar today.  He will be living on the shelf above Teddy's changing table.

Here are the prints I mentioned I bought from Hawaii.  I am designating the wall by the bed for all ocean pictures, since it is a place Daniel is passionate about.  He always says he feels so alive after he has gone for a swim.  The floral print is above my dresser.  I have been holding on to this antique frame for years, so I am happy to finally have found a use for it.

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  1. everything looks great kimbers, i especially love the prints you got in hawaii, so vibrant :)


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