Thursday, June 7, 2012

Calee Reed

Recently I asked my mom what talents and tendencies she had hoped her children would possess.  I know when ever I hear George sing, I stop and wonder,  "will he be my musical one?"  Really, I have decided my three big goals for my children are:

1. Receive answers to prayers
2. Make smart money decisions
3. Be a great conversationalist

 But back to my opening statement...thinking about it some more, I can see how my mom was influencing us- me and my siblings. Going to the library was a steady occurrence in my childhood. We'd go for story time and then enjoyed  the freedom to wondering thru the stacks, twists and corners, searching for known and unknown treasures.  The library - any library is a happy cozy place for me,  I am so fond of those earliest memories.

We were always listening to good music, in car and in the house; "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, the soundtrack to Out of Africa, Barry Manillo, Les Miserables, James Galway, the Beach Boys, the list goes on.

My mom exposed us to a wide range of cultural arts.  I remember as a little girl, going to see the Lamanite Generation perform, now known as the Living Legends.  I was blown away, and declared that was what I wanted to do when I grew up, as she tucked me into bed that night. My mom is still introducing me to new books and music all the time with her frequent gifts in the mail, and her magazine clippings that she thinks I will appreciate.  I do.

My mom is the most well rounded person I know.  She is always up to date on politics, sports, Hollywood, Broadway, classical musicians, authors, and she is my number one go-to for spiritual advice.   Though I enjoy a wide variety of topics with my mom, hearing her testimony, is what is most special to me.

This whole post was inspired by Calee Reed's song "She Put the Music in Me", a song written about her mom.  I echo her sentiments.  You can enjoy the music video just below this cover art.

Here is Calee's webpage where you can listen to samples of other songs on her album.  I really like "Time to Love".

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