Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aden and Anais

                                                                Crazy what can happen in a year.

Photos: by Sarah Clayton Faubus

I am a lucky girl to have access to such talent, but I think everyone should take advantage of Sarah's services.  A great photo shoot is a gift for the rest of your life; I am happy every time I walk past her portraits of my boys on the stairway walls.

I was thinking about my Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets, and realizing that they have been the most used baby item in the past year for Ted....and his giraffe teddy that he cuddles while he sleeps.  But these blankets are big, soft, breathable and take up very little room in my diaper bag.

I am writing this post to recommend them to all mothers and to all shoppers of baby gifts.  Your money will be well spent on a pack of three from their website for around $40.  Or even better is a four pack at Target for $32

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  1. we heart this blankets too, it may be good to note they have a line at target that are $28 i think. also, there's some on sale at nordies right now for $32 in the preview sale.

    as for pics of ted, he's a very easy subject...can't get enough of his eyes! xx


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