Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Auntie & Decorator

Today I would like to start with spotlighting my sister n'law Sarah.  She follows in the path of her mother and gives top priority to her family and friends.  She is number one in giving of her time, talents and love.

 Last month Sarah stayed in my home and looked after my boys while Daniel and I took a long trip to Italy.  Half way through the trip I received an email that warmed my heart.

we've been reading the witches, so yesterday me and em were playing witches, this is them caught in our prison, they're waiting to be be cooked!

Then when I came home, I was thrilled to see Sarah had rearranged my furniture in the front room and family room.  I have been struggling for years to figure out where to put the couches and she solved the mystery!

the two blue chairs together are my favorite part of the room

the furniture centers around the fireplace and leaves walkways open for the rest of the room.  

Can you tell that the walls have just been painted a light grey?  I haven't hung any pictures back up yet.

We have lived in our house for six years now, and have had the painter in this fall to freshen up a few rooms.
Henry has chosen a medium blue for his bedroom

 Here you can see I have changed the walls in the landing and how they look against my gold entry way

I am enjoying the blues from the front room tying into the upstairs.  This picture doesn't show it the best because the sun isn't shining on the top level like it is on the bottom.  But trust me, it works.

The boys bathroom is a softer shade of the landing color, and I think it is so pretty.

Thank you Daniel for funding our house's face lift and thank you Sarah for always being there.

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