Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cinque Terre

On the northwest side of Italy, there is a place on the Mediterranean Sea called Cinque Terre.
                                 Cinque Terre actually consists of five separate villages on the coast.
                                                   Are you ready to see this amazing place?
  Here is a picture of what the coast looks like between each town.  You can see the tunnel where the train comes through.  The train is the best way to travel in Cinque Terre.
 The roads and stairways can be very steep.  Don't bring high heels for this reason,  also the cobblestones.
 Doesn't it look so tranquil and inviting?!  All you can do here is eat, swim, hike and shop.  What wonderful ways to spend your days in the sun.  I was so happy when I visited here on my way back from Lake Como.
At the very top of the main street in Vernazza, Daniel and I wandered upon a fantastic little restaurant, owned and ran by twin brothers from Sicily.   Their food was delicious and they were so funny, they entertained us the entire meal.   We had to go back a second time.
 We rented an apartment right above the main square looking out onto the water.  It had a kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom with a washer machine.  I absolutely loved hanging my clothes to dry on the lines outside our windows.  We paid 320 euros for two nights, that ended up being 80 euros per night, per couple.  Here is the stairway leading to our front door on the right.  Oops, we left the kitchen light on when we went out that night.
 This is a place that is calling me back.  I could live here.  I hope I do someday.

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  1. Beautiful! I walked the CT in 2009...I'd love to visit there again some day, living there wouldn't be bad either. Jesus is #1 in my life too! Thanks for sharing a part of your life.


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