Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grandma's dishes

Sometimes when I am getting dressed I wish I still had roommates to give me their opinion on my outfit.  The same goes when I am hanging pictures.  Why don't my friends and family live just around the corner?  It forces a girl to either wait indefinitely until company arrives, or move forward and trust her choices.

Today I am doing a little of both.  I wanted to share with you my Great Grandma Gerda's plates that I have decided to hang on the dining room wall, but realized once I had them up, it looks like I need more.
Here is what they look like from a distance.
                                                                   And here is a closer look

My options right now: I could hang my favorite Christmas plate which has a popular British icon on it. 
                           I think it would be a fun contrast to the old fashioned floral design.
                                     Or, I could just hang a white plate, giving it cleaner look.
                Really, I don't want to distract from my favorite picture of Jesus with Mary and Martha
                    Or I could leave it as it is for now and not rush my creative process.  Any thoughts?


  1. same. wait until more inspiration hits! i ADORE your nest on the wall, cutest idea ever!


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