Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun for our Summer

These boys only have three days left of school before it's summertime.  It's going to take alot of effort on my part to keep them from being glued to the TV or fighting like cats and dogs.  I have been collecting art projects to keep us busy.  They are not serious art, but here are a few I found on Pinterest  that look like lots of fun.

Sharpies with rubbing alcohol give a tie dye effect
 Humongous bubbles 

made with 6 cups water,
1 cup corn syrup, 
2 cups dish soap

Race cars made from toilet paper rolls

Cut the stems of roses into strands and place into food coloring bottles. 

Here is the link to my Pinterest page for children's ideas

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  1. cute pic of all your boys, looks like they'll be having a fun summer! xxx


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