Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flagstaff, Arizona

 For Spring Break we drove to Mexico.  Yes, very adventurous, and I will share the details soon.  It was
about fifteen hours of travel, so we broke it up into several days, stopping in Flagstaff, AZ for a two nights.
Flagstaff is known as the ski town of Arizona, home to Northern Arizona University and located on the historic Route 66.
 As in Fort Collins, we enjoyed exploring Flagstaff's little downtown area with their shops and restaurants.  One night we ate a local hot spot called The Tinderbox, featuring fancy comfort food.  So yum.

Going to a new restaurant with Daniel is so fun because we're both so entranced by the menu, that we often get to try it all.  It makes me giddy looking at all the fresh options and anticipating their arrival on our table.
                             The next day for breakfast I enjoyed quiche at another local joint
                                                                       La Bellevia
Right across the street was a place called NiMarco's.  I need to go back because I am so curious.
 What is Flagstaff's style of pizza?
I'm beginning to realize that any town can offer an adventure for exploration.  Every place has something unique to discover.  

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  1. oh yummy. i am dying to go on a roadtrip to the south with the sole purpose of food...will have to stop at Flagstaff now, thanks!


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