Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chicago: dinner at Nacional 27

This weekend Daniel and I went to visit our friends John and Heather, and their new baby girl Tess. They live in a charming tree lined street, in a 1930's brick bungalow. The house features include original wood floors and crown molding, not to mention all the fun photos and books scattered through out the place. We spent most meals in the dining room, all were pleasant and yum. But, Saturday night we went on the town, to a place like none other.

Nacional 27 is a modern Latin restaurant. Big and open with lots of energy. The closest I could compare it to was the first time I went to PFChangs, and felt excited with the decor and tastes. The food was to die for. Of course the appetizers were the tastiest, (you know when your tummy is empty.) I have been inspired to try cooking my next Mexican meal with plantains. They are sweet but definitely not too sweet.

Our meal finished just in time for the restaurant to clear the tables that were on the dance floor. Yes, salsa dancing started at eleven o'clock and lots of couples participated. I just loved going to a place I could never find in Provo. I was giddy the whole night.

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