Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ralph Lauren Collection

You watch Downton Abbey don't you?  Let's just indulge in a few pictures before I move on to my topic.

                          Last Sunday night's Episode One of Season Three.  It was a good one.

Okay, so I noticed that Ralph Lauren was sponsoring PBS and Masterpiece Theatre.  I wondered if he was being influenced by Downton Abbey, and if he had any 1910's or 1920's dresses in his collection.

                              I discovered no Titanic style dresses, yet it was still fun to look at his influence for the Fall '12 and Spring '13 Shows.

                            Yes, I see English "Weekend in the Country" with the tweeds and knits,
but I'd say 1930's is more influential in this line with the trousers and hats.
Click here to see the entire Fall 2012 Collection

Now just for fun, let's check out how different the Spring 2013 Collection is.
France and Spain are the influences and some 1970's.
Click here is see the entire collection.

One last thing.  It's January and the best time to go shopping because you can get 30% off already reduced prices.  I've been hitting all my favorite stores at the mall, but I had forgotten about looking online.  Here is the link to Ralph Lauren's Sale page.  His stuff is pretty pricey but gorgeous, and I did find several sweaters I like in $50 range.

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  1. I thought that was super smart of them with advertising after downton. can't wait for next week :)


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