Thursday, December 13, 2012


A few weeks ago my sister'n law Emily wrote a great post about essential items you should pack to feel your best when traveling.  I have just a couple items to add to her list and it all has to do with regularity.

Before I read The Green Smoothie Diet and started drinking them every day, I didn't understand the importance of being regular.  But now I do, it has become an issue for me when I travel.

Two obstacles stand in my way of being regular when I travel.

Diet and Location

When we go to England, we usually go for about two weeks.  That's a long time to be without my smoothies.  I try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can, but its never as many as I would eat if I were home.

 Okay, I know this is too much information, but I first discovered probiotics because I was searching for a natural solution to female infections, and then realized they also help my intestinal tract.  So that is a great option to take when traveling.  The purple link above takes you to a help website where you can learn more.

Also I discovered when I went to Lake Powell  this fall, that chocolate covered raisins will also do the trick.  I can not stop eating them if there's a tub from Costco lying around, but I have decided they are worth the calories and need to be an essential item I pack for long trips.

Okay, now to solve the problem of location.  Sometimes when I am staying in small quarters and everyone is feeling way too close to the bathroom, my body will not relax.  Well, if I have Poo-Pourri in my toiletry bag,  I am fine.  Just spray the toilet water before you go and it cancels out any unwanted smells.

Hope these tips will help you feel your best on your next trip.

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  1. LOL kimbers, these are great additions to my pack list...especially chocolate raisins :) i will look more into the are looking so healthy i need to start doing what you're doing x


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